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Tutto il mondo e paese – all the world is a village

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Franco Corsico, who many consider to be the architect of Torino’s successful regional plan. ┬áCorsico is a professor of urban planning at Politechnico di Torino and he served as deputy mayor … Continue reading

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United States Boulevard: Bike Path + Car Dungeon

My office in Torino is located at the end of┬áCorso Stati Uniti, aka United States Boulevard, a short but heavily-traveled street between the Polytechnic University and the Porta Nuova train station. Corso Stati Uniti is a wide boulevard with a … Continue reading

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A visit from Amanda and una domanda di FIAT

Last weekend I had a visit from friend and colleague Amanda Eaken of NRDC. It was marvelous to explore Torino with a friend, especially one as outgoing and inquisitive as Amanda. We found ourselves in some fascinating conversations about Torino … Continue reading

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Backstage pass to the new regional rail hub!

Yesterday I scored a behind-the-scenes tour of a major regional project here in Torino: the new railway station at Porta Susa. The new station is Torino’s equivalent of the Bay Area’s TransBay Terminal: it will create a single hub for … Continue reading

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Torino: First Impressions

I arrived in Torino on Monday and spent the first few days getting acquainted. I’m staying in a small apartment in a very old neighborhood in the central city. The neighborhood has narrow streets, lots of churches, long promenades of … Continue reading

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You’re doing what where??

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve launched this blog to chronicle my research into how European regions have kicked the oil addiction and made their communities more walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly. Over the course of the next ten weeks, I’ll be … Continue reading

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