I started this blog in 2010 to chronicle a 5-month fellowship in Europe,  where I explored how regions have freed their communities from cars and made biking, walking and transit a bigger part of daily life.

Fast-forward to September 2014: I have just left my job as the Director of ClimatePlan and I am riding my bike through Asia for the next three months. Along the way I’ll share stories, photos and observations. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Barbara kubarych says:

    Hi Autumn, this is Barbara Bernstein kubarych your dad’s first cousin; my dad was Sid, your grandfather Harold’s brother. Your dad and I have become quite close in recent years and he sent me the link to your blog today… It’s fabulous! You are a beautiful and insightful writer and your photographs are gorgeous. I will greatly enjoy coming along for the ride on your journey through your blog. Thanks for sharing! I hope to meet you when you come back!!

    • hi Barbara, thanks for getting in touch. I remember, as a child, seeing photos of you at my Grandma Betty’s house. I think we may have met once at the Bernstein family reunion in Aptos? But I was very young, and might be making that up! In any case, thanks for reading and yes I do hope we can meet sometime.

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