Bike Touring Guanxi Province

I'm three days into a 8-day bike tour across Guanxi Province. I started at Guilin and I'm heading to Nanning. Here are some photos from the journey so far.

I was lucky to meet Ah Qun, who owns a local bike shop and has bike toured all over China and SE Asia! He gave me some great route suggestions and showed me around Guilin. (And fixed my brakes!). Here we are in front of his bike shop.


Ah Qun reading from a Ming Dynasty tablet.

The next day, I set off from Guilin, through the mountains east of the Li River.

Up, up, up we go.

Mountain village.

The road through the mountains was rough at times, but very little traffic -- and just look at those mountains!


Sunset in Xingping.

Stunning Guanxi mountains


Hooray for Guanxi!



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4 Responses to Bike Touring Guanxi Province

  1. Absolutely stunning scenery!!!

  2. Wow Autumn. What a great adventure you are having. Love the photos. When I first went to the east I realized I was in a painting. Hadn’t realized it is such a surreal landscape.

  3. lizod says:

    You and your bike set up look awesome- keep the posts coming!

  4. Jill Chesler says:

    wow! gorgeous photos. you are amazing, Autumn.


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