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Shanghaied in Tomorrowland

After my rough landing in Shanghai (see previous), I found myself a little intimidated. By the crowds, the chaotic streets, and the shocking contrast between Shanghais' glitzy trappings and entrenched poverty. You can't walk far in this town without tripping … Continue reading

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Extremely Day: Tokyo to Shanghai

Early this morning, a ghost woke me up in Tokyo. I was dreaming about my grandparents’ house in Los Altos, where I was explaining to some hippie backpacker kids why they couldn’t stay there. But I kept getting startled by … Continue reading

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Will Bike for Bluefin Tuna

Traveling to Tokyo threw my my sleep schedule out of whack, so I found myself wide awake at 3 or 4 am for the first few days. Eventually I quit trying to sleep and took the opportunity to ride my … Continue reading

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Tokyo Crush

I’ve spent the first week of this journey getting lost in Tokyo, in the spin-cycle of its subway system, the enticing maze of its side-streets, and the rabbit holes of its subcultures. I am officially smitten. Its like that feeling … Continue reading

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2014: Year of the (Two-Wheeled) Horse

In September 2014 I’m embarking on a three-month bike journey through Asia. I’ll be passing through parts of Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. I’m traveling alone, with a folding bike I found on Craiglist. To make this trip possible … Continue reading

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Stuttgart 21: Future Shock, Auf Wiedersehen

This is the final post in a three-part series about the controversial Stuttgart 21 project. Links to Part One and Two are on the right. The controversy over Stuttgart 21 has gotten under my skin. This isn’t my city, I … Continue reading

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Stuttgart 21: Down the Rabbit Hole

My second night in Stuttgart I was walking through the snowy Christmas Market when I heard a screeching racket like hundreds of kazoos being abused. I walked in the direction of the noise and found myself at a Stuttgart 21 … Continue reading

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